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Livestock Enterprise

 The farms 455 hectares of grassland is a combination of downland, water meadows and traditional parkland which we graze the farm’s 250 cross bred Aberdeen Angus suckler cows and their progeny.

The herd are outwintered on stubble turnips and oats before moving to pastures in the spring to calve from April to June.

The calves are weaned the following February and are moved to the water meadows in the Avon Valley. After a summer of grazing on the lush meadows they are mustered with the best heifers being selected and retained as replacements for the breeding herd, the remaining heifers and steers are sold as store cattle are to accredited farms for the premium market.

Herd health is paramount and a health plan is maintained with regular consultation with our local veterinary practice.

Cattle handling and loading equipment is regularly inspected. It is our duty to promote safe and efficient systems that provide the minimum amount of stress to the cattle whilst being handled or moved and to provide maximum safety for our dedicated farm team.

We are active members of the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society promoting this breed of animal and its welfare.